10J, 15J and 20J Type Filter

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10J, 15J and 20J Type Self-Cleaning Filter

Auto-Klean 10J, 15J and 20J self-cleaning filters operate on the edge-filtration principle and are of all-metal plate-type construction. 10J, 15J and 20J filters for turbine and diesel engine thrust block service are provided with a special cock, which enables the filter to be by-passed in case of an emergency.

The filters are cleaned without interrupting the flow of liquid by one complete turn of the handle attached to the element spindle. This action deposits all the solids accumulated around the element into the filter sump. Standard filter bodies incorporate a sump drain plug, but a drain valve is fitted if required. A magnetic insert can be incorporated in the sump drain plug to give added protection against ferrous particles. Tapped holes for mounting screws are provided on opposite sides of the cover to facilitate installation. These filters can be supplied with either electric motors or ratchet-drive for fully automatic or continuous cleaning. Steam-jacketed designs are available for high temperature service.

Applications All grades of oils and distillates, water, chemicals, beverages,
food products, paints, resins, greases and industrial liquids of every kind.
Micron rating 25 – 1,000 micron
Materials Body & Cover: Cast Iron
Internals: Mild & Stainless Steel, Brass Monel Metal
Flow rate 18 metres3 (4,000 gallons)
Pressure rating 7 Kg/cm2 (100 lb/in2) at 121°C (250°F)

The Auto-Klean Filtration Limited Solution

For almost a century, Auto-Klean a British company, has been at the forefront of design and development of filter engineering, providing solutions for almost every need. The vast range of fluids handled range from water to highly viscous resins, from liquified gases to high temperature steam and from liquids under vacuum conditions to high pressure hydraulic oils.

Auto-Klean manufacture a complete range of filters designed to protect engineering plant by the continuous removal of harmful or unwanted solids from fluids. The outstanding feature of most of these filters is that they are self-cleaning whilst in service, either by mechanical operation, or manually by the turn of a handle.

Auto-Klean filters are designed for the protection of all installations incorporating fluid circulation systems, and the aim of this brochure is to assist equipment designers, manufacturers and users in accessing the correct filter solution for their needs. Auto-Klean manufacture a complete range of filters designed to protect engineering plant by the continuous removal of harmful or unwanted solids from fluids.

Auto-Klean is part of the Filter Company Group. For more Filters, parts or equipment visit The Filter Company Limited

The Auto-Klean Advantages:

  • Self-cleaning whilst in service – no interruption of liquid flow.
  • Finest positive full flow filtration – filters all the liquid all the time.
  • Low pressure loss – maintains optimum flow.
  • No fire risk – filter is cleaned without dismantling.
  • Lowest overall cost – no costly element renewals.
  • Saves space and weight – large capacities to relative size.
  • Long life – lasts the life of the engine or plant.
  • Simply cleaned by the turn of a handle –motor or manually operated.
  • Particularily suitable for applications in hostile environments.
  • Longer service periods between maintenance.
  • No messy filters to change.

Typical Applications for Auto-Klean Filters:

  • Oils Water Other Liquids.
  • Lubricating Cooling Solvents Beer & Beverages.
  • Heavy Fuel Process Inks & Paints Adhesives.
  • Diesel & Petrol.
  • Acids.
  • Cooking.
  • Transformer.
  • Cutting.
  • Typical Industries Steam.
  • Clay Slip.
  • Hydraulic Effluent.
  • Honey.
  • Food Products.
  • Anything That Flows.

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